West Tennessee Legal Services has given free legal help to people in need for more than forty years. We are a nonprofit law firm representing people who live in seventeen counties in West Tennessee. Since our clients pay no legal fees, we exist because of funding from grants through private foundations, government contracts, and individual donations.

Because funding is very limited, we can only take the most critical cases. Each year we ask people in the community to tell us what kind of cases they think are most important. This is how we set our priorities and decide which cases we can take.

People from all walks of life give us a view into the community they see each day: clients, social workers, ministers, nurses, judges and lawyers. Each year, we ask our clients, potential clients, other service providers, and legal professionals to share their thoughts about our priorities with us.

Please help us to help families in your community in West Tennessee by letting us know your thoughts by clicking here to take our brief survey. We welcome your comments and hope that you will keep us informed of the unmet legal needs you see in the future. With your help, we look forward to successfully serving those in need in West Tennessee for many more years. Our current priorities are posted below.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact 1-800-372-8346 or email us at wtls@wtls.org.

How WTLS Decides What Cases to Take

The priorities established by WTLS will be implemented and developed through the following principles:

  • The issue presented must be one for which there is no appropriate referral.
  • The issue presented must be one in which the probability of success is reasonable given the projected amount of resources necessary to achieve the desired outcome.
  • The issue presented lends itself to a legal solution as well as a solution which may be legally pursued pursuant to relevant laws, rules, regulations and operating standards.
  • In regard to substantive areas, client populations and delivery methodology, consideration will be given to project resources, service demand and funder priorities.
  • The following substantive areas constitute the most serious needs of WTLS clients and will form the core of the WTLS work:

    Substantive areas are to be broadly interpreted so the effect of WTLS representation is more important than the means. The substantive areas of V. are not in the relative order of importance.

    • Access to health care;
    • Securing or retaining income;
    • Securing or retaining shelter;
    • Personal freedom and security of :
      • abused persons;
      • institutionalized/vulnerable persons; and
      • other issues affecting family safety and stability
  • The delivery of services will be broad-based and comprehensive including legal representation, information and referral, community education, partnerships - local, statewide, regional and other, pro bono, resource development and other appropriate methodology.
  • Community education/outreach is important in implementing the priorities.
  • All projects will consider available resources - current and potential, client service demand, funding source criteria in conjunction with priorities